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Expungement, Sealing, & Pardons in Springfield

Don't Let an Arrest Ruin the Rest of Your Life!

Understanding the differences between expungements, sealing, pardons, and executive clemency can be tough, which is why the Springfield expungement attorneys at Johnson Law Group are here to help. We understand that this can be a confusing topic, but pursuing a clean record can be an effective tool for your future and can help you avoid deportation as an immigrant. Let us guide you through the process today!

Permanently Clean Your Record with Expungement

If you have been arrested and convicted of a misdemeanor or felony, it will remain on your record. However, arrests, certain types of supervision, and other alternative sentencing can be removed from your record permanently through expungement. This means that it can never be seen by the public and you will not be required to disclose your prior arrest and conviction. Even police officers will not able to pull up this information in a regular background check with a special court order.

It is important to note the following:

  • Even if you were found not guilty of a crime, all of your arrests remain on your criminal record.
  • Your record will not expunge arrests on its own.
  • Most felony convictions cannot be expunged.
  • If your case was dismissed you still have a record due to your arrest.

Use Sealing to Conceal Your Criminal Record from the Public

While you cannot expunge criminal convicts in Illinois, some misdemeanors and felonies can be sealed, which means your criminal record cannot be released to non-law enforcement personnel. Though you will still have a criminal record, it will be unavailable to the public without a court order.

Executive Clemency and Governor Pardons Can Clear Your Name

A pardon will forgive your crime and clear your criminal record. This is done by submitting a Petition for Clemency with the Illinois Prisoner Review Board. A pardon or clemency is the only way to clear your record if it cannot be expunged or sealed. Even if you were not given a prison sentence but were given probation, you may still file a petition.

Work with an Experienced Springfield Criminal Defense Lawyer

Having an experienced defense attorney can dramatically help your chances of removing or sealing your criminal record from public view. Johnson Law Group's Springfield, IL expungement lawyers can help you prepare your petition and fight to clear your name. If you have been arrested and convicted, you do not need to forfeit your future.

Your future deserves a fair chance, contact us today to start with a clean slate.


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