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Homicide – or murder – is absolutely one of the most severely punished crimes in the nation. Just the allegation is enough to fill people with prejudice and unfair bias towards the accused. If you have been arrested on murder charges, it is of utmost importance that you contact a homicide attorney from Johnson Law Group immediately. You can be sure that the prosecution is not resting, and neither should you.

Murder in the First and Second Degree

If you have been accused of the severe crime of homicide, you should first understand that there are two degrees of murder recognized by the Illinois Compiled Statutes.

  • Second-degree murder is defined in 720 ILCS 5 / 9-2 as killing another person intentionally or while trying to cause them serious bodily harm when under a sudden and intense passion. This passion must have been the result of serious provocation by the victim or other person that the defendant intended to kill, provided that the provoking actions would be sufficient to cause similar outrage in another person of reasonable temperament.
  • First-degree murder is defined in 720 ILCS 5 / 9-1 as killing someone intentionally or when intending to cause great bodily harm. In most cases, you must have had full knowledge that your actions created a strong probability of your victim's death, or at the very least that they would suffer catastrophic injury. It can also be categorized as first-degree murder if you kill someone while attempting or committing a forcible felony, excluding second-degree murder.

Homicide Convictions Carry Life-Changing Consequences

Whether you are convicted of murder in the second or first-degree, you are facing a felony conviction that is sure to have negative effects on the rest of your life.

Penalties applied to your case will be severe and may include:

  • 4 to 15 years in prison for second-degree charges
  • 20 to 100 years (life sentence) for first-degree charges
  • Up to $25,000 fines – not including nominal damages
  • Death penalty for aggravated murder charges

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With over 100 years of experience under their belts, the professional criminal defense attorneys from Johnson Law Group can provide you the focused and experienced representation you need when facing some of the most serious criminal charges that exist. Our Springfield criminal defense lawyers will work together to build you a reliable case and fight tirelessly to reduce your charges in any way possible. Or, with proper evidence and preparation, we can seek to obtain a dismissal of your case altogether.

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