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Evidence in Ongoing Drug Bust Case All Deemed Inadmissible by Judge

The drug crime charges against Keith Halliburton, a client of Johnson Law Group, were recently dealt a massive blow as all evidence against Halliburton is tossed out. A Macon County Circuit Court judge ruled the 27 pounds of cannabis and approximate half-pound of cocaine seized from Halliburton's properties would not be admissible in trial due to erroneous police procedures.

Illinois police were conducting a drug sting that targeted Halliburton on suspicion of drug trafficking. Law enforcement agents were able to get a signed anticipatory search warrant from a judge, which would allow them to search and seize his property once he opened a marked package containing contraband. After Halliburton took the parcel from the Post Office, he was arrested before he had a chance to open it.

We argued that his rights against unreasonable searches and seizures – established by the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution – were violated by police forces. The judge agreed that there was no probable cause behind police action and made all evidence inadmissible in his planned trial. The prosecution will now need to decide to try to appeal the ruling or drop the case altogether. If they do not want to drop the charges, we will be ready to contest their appeal on behalf of our client.

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