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How to Fight a DUI in Illinois

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When it comes to fighting your DUI charges, the most important thing to remember is that an arrest does not equal an automatic conviction. You have the right to a fair trial and our firm wants to ensure that you are well-represented throughout your entire case. With nearly 100 years of shared experience, we have unique insight into the most effective ways to defend your charges.

Mistakes get made, even by law enforcement, and capitalizing on these errors is key. The more we can weaken the prosecutor's case against you, the better your chances of a satisfactory outcome. Johnson Law Group is made up ofseveral Springfield DUI attorneys who go the distance for their clients.

Defense Strategies: the Backbone of Your Case

There are a number of different areas that can be challenged in a DUI case, beginning even before the police officer stopped your vehicle. Our firm can evaluate each one to determine the most effective strategies for your specific case.

Some of the most common areas we assess include:

  • The DUI stop - Police officers are required to have a reason for pulling you over, such as swerving or speeding. Was your vehicle stopped without probable cause? This can work in your favor.
  • The breathalyzer results - It is no secret that the results of breath tests are often flawed. Your results may be flawed due to user error, health conditions, or improper maintenance.
  • Your Miranda rights - Law enforcement is obligated to read you your Miranda rights at the time of your arrest. If they don't, evidence obtained as a result can get tossed out in court.
  • Your initial appearance - While officers are trained to notice things that can indicate intoxication, such as bloodshot eyes or slurred speech, these may not be a direct result of alcohol.
  • DUI penalties - We can tenaciously push for minimized penalties so you do not have to suffer the most serious consequences of your charge.

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No matter what you're up against, there is no reason to stop fighting. At Johnson Law Group, we pursue every possible avenue until our options have been exhausted. Whether you are being charged for the first time or have multiple DUIs, you can have confidence with our talented team working hard behind the scenes on your case. We can represent clients in criminal court as well as guide them through the driver's license reinstatement process.

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